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Marin Home Sales Statistics

Marin Home Sales Statistics

I have compiled these Marin County Home Sales Statistics to help you see the trends in the Marin real estate market.   You can view Marin Home Prices by city and price range.  Also be sure to view the monthly Marin Real Estate Newsletter as it is a more current monthly report.

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I've just signed up with a great new Stats service called Altos Research.  I don't think you can find a better analysis of the local market anywhere!  To find the local stats for your city, click here: 


Marin Home Sales Statistics Monthly 2008 Marin Home Sales Statistics 2007 Marin Home Sales Statistics by City

Marin County

Basic Stats:
Average Sales Price, Days on Market and Number sold

By County and City

2009 CURRENT Marin Home Sales Stats

By City and by Month

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2008 Marin County
detailed analysis by CITY compared to the last 2 years (done by 2 local real estate appraisers)

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