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My daughter is 100% g-tube fed as a result of an extended NICU stay and time on the NG tube.  I'm been trying to wean her and have found the following resources.  I thought I'd post these for my fellow g-tube moms.

To read about my daughter, go to her blog site at: Micro preemie miracle

Learning to eat by mouth

GERD.reflux consequences


Bay Area Feeding tube Support Group

Feeding Yahoo Support Group

Parent 2 Parent Feeding Support Group

Copy of Lily Calorie Listing

blenderized diet tidbits  (these tidbits are from the "Blenderized Diet" group on Yahoo

Blenderized Diet Group

Vita Mix Blenders

NutritionData.com NutritionData's Nutrition Facts Calorie Counter


Great article on Causes of Reflux

Our Feeding Therapist that got Kaitlyn to finally eat(Clinic 4 Kidz.com)

Support group for Clinic4Kidz Parents (not run by Clinic4Kidz)


Vita Mix Blenders

Article: GI Health and the Child with Feeding Problems